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We are proud to announce our new line of affordable, high quality Gravity fed Water filtration systems. Our Newton line of filters includes and all new, beautiful stainless steel system which is the same size as our popular Big Berkey. Our premier unit is the Newton Princess, which will be outfitted with the Doulton British Berkefeld ATC, a silver impregnated ceramic filter that removes and reduces most of the nasty contaminates that you want out of your water including bacteria, cysts, and chlorine. It is coupled with our B-2 post filter to reduce a laundry list of additional contaminates including Fluoride, Arsenic, and heavy metals. See the item page for a list of contaminates that these systems will deal with. Whether you want this in your kitchen to filer your city water, or if you are off the grid, these filters will make for safe drinking water, especially in emergency situations. Our lineup will also include the heavy duty plastic Newton Knight, and the small stainless steel Newton Traveler which is great for back packing.

Featured Products

Newton Princess Stand alone Gravity Filter system
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $239.00
LifeStraw personal Water Purifier
Regular price: $24.95
Sale price: $19.95
British Berkefeld / Doulton LP2 Gravity filter system
Regular price: $129.00
Sale price: $99.00, 4/$360.00
LifeStraw Family 1.0
Regular price: $89.95
Sale price: $74.00, 2/$140.00
Big Berkey Purification System 2.25 Gallon with no filters
Regular price: $158.00
Sale price: $151.00
Black Berkey Purification Replacement Elements 2 Pack
Regular price: $125.00
Sale price: $107.00, 2/$203.00, 4/$385.00, 10/$909.00
Mountain House PouchesBritish Berkefeld / Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl 2 inch by 7 inch
Regular price: $49.00
Sale price: $40.00, 4/$150.00
Katadyn Micropur Water Purification Tablets
Travel Berkey  Gravity Water Filter 1.5 Gallon with 1 White Ceramic Filter
Regular price: $209.99
Sale price: $159.00
British Berkefeld / Doulton Supersterasyl Replacement Filter Candle 7 inch X 2 inch Super Sterasyl
Regular price: $35.00
Sale price: $30.00, 4/$116.00, 6/$130.00, 16/$432.00
Berkey Light with 2-7 inch British Berkefeld Super Sterasyl filters
Regular price: $199.00
Sale price: $159.00
BIG BERKEY Gravity Water Filter 2.25 Gallon  with 9 inch British Berkefeld SuperSterasyl Candles
Regular price: $265.00
Sale price: $229.00
Royal Berkey Gravity Water Filter 3.25 Gallon  With White Ceramic Filters
Regular price: $289.00
Sale price: $239.00
Water View Sight Glass for all Stainless Steel Berkeys
Regular price: $43.00
Sale price: $35.00

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